Asking for additional information about registered products

When customers select a product option to add to their trade-in, you can prompt them to answer questions about the product.

There are four default questions:

  1. How long ago did you buy this product? Guess if you don’t know!

  2. Who did you buy this product from?

  3. Where did you buy this product?

  4. Was it new or pre-owned?

You can enable or disable the default questions based on your preference. You can also add other custom questions to capture more information about the items and a condition question to capture condition.

Please note: the default and custom questions are purely for data collection and they do not influence the outcome of the trade-in. The condition question can be formatted to impact the outcome of the trade-in.

Add a custom question

To create the custom question you must fill out the following fields:

  • Question - This is the question that will appear to the customer (e.g. 'What colour is the product')

  • Answer format - This is how the customer will answer the question. Choose either from free text or predefined options that you specify. For the latter, you can add up to 5 options that customers can choose from. The image below shows how the two answer options appear (Option select vs Free text).

  • Help link (optional) - If customers may need additional information to help them answer the question (e.g. What is the serial number of the product), you can add a link to a page customers can navigate to. Adding the link will cause a question mark icon (?) to appear next to the question in the trade-in portal. Clicking this will redirect the customer to the page you've specified.

  • Question reference - This will only be visible to the merchant and is used to refer to the question when showing the answer in other parts of the app and in the product export.

Add a condition question

You can choose to create a condition question that allows customers to specify what condition products are in. The main difference between this and the custom question is that you can choose to reject products from trade-in that are in specific conditions. The video below demonstrates this.

To set-up the condition question:

  1. Add the condition question

    • Click the Add condition question banner

    • Add a question and select the number of answer options

  2. Edit the answer options

    • Click the Edit button next to the answer option you want to edit

    • Enter in an answer option name and description of the answer option (e.g. this condition means the product meets ... criteria).

    • Decide whether this condition should make products inelgible for trade-in or not.

  3. Edit the ineligibility message

    • Click the Edit ineligibility message button on the condition you've marked as making products ineligible for trade-in. The image below shows what this looks like

    • In the pop-up that appears, enter in a Message title and Message content

Ordering product registration questions

Like categories and product options, the order of the question in the merchant admin will correlate to the order they appear in the trade-in portal. Unfortunately at this time there is no way to reorder questions once they have been created, so please keep this in mind.

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