Tern offers built-in logistics that work straight out of the box. You can also use alternative methods of shipping, depending on what your needs are.

There are two primary actions required to manage the shipping of trade-ins:

  1. Decide what type of shipping you want to enable - you can choose from Integrated Shipping and/or one of our alternatives. The alternative options include generating your own shipping label, customer arranging their own shipping, collection from customer and customer drop-off.

  2. Add your trade-in return address, so trade-ins can be shipped to the correct location. Please note: if you enable customer drop-off or customer arranged shipping, you will have the option to display this address on your shipping label. Alternatively, you can add a different address in Customer Information.

1. Types of shipping

Integrated Shipping

We offer integrated shipping which you can enable for easy setup. Learn more here.

Please note: due to limitations on available carriers, we do not offer Integrated Shipping in all regions. If the region your store is set to doesn't have an Integrated option available, you will see the following message. In this case, you can use one of our alternative options.

Alternative Shipping

We have four alternatives to integrated shipping: customer to arrange own shipping, customer drop-off, generate your own shipping label and collect from customer. You can enable these as well as, or instead of, integrated carriers.

For more details on each of these, please click here.

2. Trade-in return address

The trade-in return address is the address that all trade-ins will be sent to. Before launching your programme, we recommend sending a test parcel to ensure trade-ins will be delivered to the right location.

Your email address and phone number (if input) will be shared with the carrier to enable them to send you tracking updates and get in touch if there are any issues.

Need help with shipping?

Have a specific question or need help with shipping? Reach out to us↗ at

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