Receiving a trade-in

Learn how to close a trade-in and issue credit to the customer

Once a customer has completed a trade-in

Once a customer has completed a trade-in it will be visible to you in the Trade-ins section of the merchant admin pages and will be marked as Open.

In the app, trade-ins are either classed as Open or Closed. Open trade-ins are still in progress and are waiting to be received by you. Closed trade-ins are ones in which you have confirmed receipt of the trade-in items and the credit has been issued to the customer.

How to receive a trade-in order

Once you've received a trade-in package from your customers, it's time to begin the trade-in order receipt process. This will result in the trade-in being Closed and the credit being automatically issued to the customer.

  1. The first step is to located the trade-in order (this is pretty easy if you've not received any trade-ins yet!). You can search for a trade-in order using the search bar on the Trade-ins page. Trade-ins orders are searchable by:

    • The trade-in order ID (this will be printed on the shipping label)

    • The customers email address

    • The order ID of the original order associated with the products in the trade-in

  2. Selecting the trade-in order will direct you to the page for that trade-in.

  3. To start the receiving process, for each item set the Qty received to match the quantity that the customer has sent to you. If there was a scenario where a customer has selected two of the same item for trade-in, but only sent one to you, then you should adjust Qty received to match this. The app will automatically adjust the credit issued to mirror quantities actually received.

  4. Add a Note to Customer (optional, but we recommend one!), and select Finish receiving

  5. A pop-up will appear, confirming the items you’ve received back and the credit that will be issued to the customer. If you are receiving fewer items than are listed the original trade-in order (as discussed in the last step), you will also be notified here of the items that you marked as not received.

    You also have the option of overriding the amount of credit to be issued, should you need or want to. If you amend the credit amount, we recommend that you leave an internal note using the Trade-in comment field at the bottom of the trade-in order page so you have a record of any changes made and the reason why.

  6. Clicking Confirm - complete trade-in will complete the trade-in, and automatically issue the credit to the customer. A notification email will now be sent to the customer containing the credit discount code and any message that you added in the Note to Customer section previously. The trade-in order is now marked as Closed in the system, which is visible in both the Trade-ins page in the merchant admin pages and the My Trade-ins page in the trade-in portal.

Credit is issued using the Shopify Discounts API. The credit is issued as a one-time use discount code that is specific to that customer. Like all discount codes, these will be visible in the Discounts section of your store admin pages once they have been generated.

How to cancel a trade-in

If you need to cancel a trade-in, take the following steps:

  1. Locate the trade-in order that you want to cancel

  2. Set the Qty received for each product to 0.

  3. Although optional, we highly recommend adding a Note to Customer if cancelling a trade-in

  4. Click Finish receiving

  5. This closes the order within the app and makes the products eligible for trade-in again. Zero credit will be issued.

Closed trade-ins

Once a trade-in has been Closed, you are still able to view all it's information in the Trade-ins section of the app. Use the tabs above the search bar to show all of the Closed trade-ins. You can also view the issued credit discount code, so can share it with the customer again if they lose it.

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