Trade-in profiles

Discover the essential role of trade-in profiles in the Tern Trade-In app and learn how to effectively manage your trade-in program.

What is a trade-in profile?

Trade-in profiles are at the heart of how you run your trade-in programme. They are how you set the eligibility criteria and pricing rules that will be applied to your product catalogue or the product options your set-up.

There are two types of trade-in profile that you can set-up, one for each trade-in method:

📜pageFor products with online order history📋pageFor products that require registration

How should I price my trade-in?

We offer three different types of pricing for you to choose from when constructing your trade-in profiles and product registration flows. More information on trade-in pricing rules can be found here.

Figuring out the optimal pricing for your products may require some experimentation. If you need additional guidance or support, please don't hesitate to reach out to us↗ at

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