Trade-in profiles

Learn about one of the core concepts of the Tern Trade-in app: trade-in profiles.

What is a trade-in profile?

Trade-in profiles are at the heart of how you run your trade-in programme. They are how you set the eligibility criteria and pricing rules that will be applied to your product catalogue or the product options your set-up.
There are two types of trade-in profile that you can set-up, one for each trade-in method:

How much credit should I offer to my customers?

Trade-in is new concept for many businesses and there will be a learning curve for how to best price your products. The number one factor that will influence how you price your products for trade-in is what you are going to do with those products once you've received them back from customer. If you are going to be reselling products, then you may offer a slightly higher price than if you were going to donate or recycle products.
We will help you get set up initially based on our experience and what you want to do with the product. Should you need any further guidance or help with setting up your trade-in profiles, please reach out to us↗.