Trade-in profiles

Discover the essential role of trade-in profiles in the Tern Trade-In app and learn how to effectively manage your trade-in program.

What is a trade-in profile?

Trade-in profiles are at the heart of how you run your trade-in programme. They are how you set the eligibility criteria and pricing rules that will be applied to your product catalogue or the product options your set-up.
There are two types of trade-in profile that you can set-up, one for each trade-in method:

How much credit should I offer to my customers?

As trade-in programs are a relatively new concept for many businesses, figuring out the optimal pricing for your products may require some experimentation. The primary factor influencing your trade-in pricing is your intended use for the returned products. For example, if you plan to resell the products, you might offer a slightly higher trade-in credit than if you intend to donate or recycle them.
Our team can assist you in setting up your trade-in profiles based on our expertise and your specific plans for the returned products. If you need additional guidance or support, please don't hesitate to reach out to us↗.