Integrated Shipping Options

We offer integrated shipping which you can enable for easy setup.

Please contact us if you operate elsewhere and would like us to explore adding your region. Please note, this may not be possible due to limitations on available carriers.

Shipping fee share

The costs for integrated shipping are pre-negotiated and are visible here. You can decide how to configure who pays for integrated shipping. You can pay 100% of the fee, you can ask your customer to pay 100% of it (deducted from their final credit value) or you can share the cost with them. For example:

Gross trade-in order value

£20.00 credit

Shipping fee


Shipping fee share

50% (this means half the cost of the shipping fee is shared with the customer)

Credit issued to the customer

£18.75 credit

Package dimensions

The height, width, and length of a package must be set for an integrated shipping label to be generated. The app uses a default (30Lx 20W x 15H) but you can choose to override these and set your own custom dimensions.

No Tern Integrated options available?

If you see the following message, it's because there are no Tern integrated options available in your region (the region your store is set to). In this case, you can use one of our alternative options.

Need help with shipping?

Have a specific question or need help with shipping? Reach out to us↗ at

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