Recommended T&Cs clauses

Learn more about what to include in your terms and conditions

This document provides a summary of the key clauses that you should consider including in your own terms and conditions to ensure a smooth and legally compliant experience for your end-users. Please note that this summary is not exhaustive and should be adapted to fit your specific business requirements.

Always consult with a legal professional to tailor these terms to your specific business needs and to ensure that you are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Tern is not responsible for any issues or disputes arising from a merchant's terms and conditions, and merchants must address any concerns or liabilities independently without involving Tern in the matter.

Summary of Important Clauses:

  1. Eligibility: Clearly define the requirements for users to access and use the service, such as having made a previous purchase or being located in a specific geography.

  2. Using the Service: Describe the process of trading in used products, including selecting eligible items, offer prices, and the confirmation process.

  3. Collection of Goods: Outline the shipping process, including any costs and responsibilities users may have when sending their used products.

  4. Discount Code: Explain how the discount codes will be issued, their usage limitations, and any terms that apply to their use.

  5. Closure of the Service: Specify the rights of the provider to close the service, and the impact of the closure on existing contracts and discount codes.

  6. Cancellation Rights: Clarify the absence of any right to cancel in relation to the terms or any contract.

  7. Warranties: Include the warranties users agree to when trading in their used products, such as ownership and authenticity.

  8. Liability: Clearly state the limitations and exclusions of liability, as well as any situations where liability cannot be limited or excluded.

  9. Changes to Terms: Explain that the provider may make changes to the terms and conditions and that users should regularly check for updates.

  10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: Specify the governing law and jurisdiction for any disputes or claims related to the service.

  11. Contact Information: Provide contact details for users to reach out for support or to address any concerns.

Including these summarised clauses in your terms and conditions will help ensure that your end-users are well-informed about their rights and responsibilities while using the Tern Trade-in app.

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