Alternative Shipping Options

We have four alternatives to integrated shipping: retailer arranged shipping, collect from customer, customer to arrange own shipping and customer drop-off. You can enable these as well as, or instead of, integrated carriers.

Customer to arrange their own shipping

This provides your customers with the necessary information to arrange their own return.

Do you have customers internationally that might want to be able to trade-in their items? If so, enable this option.

Customer drop-off

This provides your customers with the necessary information to drop their trade-ins off to you in store or in warehouse.

Generate your own shipping label

This enables you to link customers to your own returns portal.

Is there no integrated shipping option available to you? Or do you have a particular carrier you want to use? If so, enable this option.

Collect from customer

This enables you to provide information to your customers to arrange collection of their trade-ins.

Do you sell bulky/heavy items like furniture or other homeware? If so, enable this option.


When you click 'Enable', you'll go through a quick setup the first time to ensure that you have given your shipping option a name you like, applied a cost to customer (if necessary), enabled weight limits, added any further information and clicked 'Save'. That choice will now automatically be enabled.

The options display in the customer portal like this:

They trigger generation of a simple label, which customers can then add to the item when they send it back, drop it off or have it collected:

Please note: unlike the Tern-integrated options, enabling these will not provide any back-end functionality. Therefore, you may need to setup additional logistics to make the option fully functional e.g. ensuring your returns portal is worded so that customers know where to input their trade-in ID

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