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Trade-in portal URL

The section provides you with the link to your trade-in portal.

Additionally, if you choose to update the apps proxy url in your stores settings, please ensure to update it in this section too. See the Shopify docs for more info on how to change an apps proxy url.

Trade-in portal customisation

Customise the look and feel of your Trade-in portal by changing the action button colour, adding custom CSS, and customising/translating the app copy.

For further details about customisation please see the following:

🖌️pageAdding custom CSS📝pageCustomising app copy

Product image styling

Image sizes and dimensions differ from store to store. We present product images in square containers within the app. This setting allows you to choose how your products images should be resized to fit the square container.

The styling options you can choose from are:

  • contain - The image keeps its aspect ratio, but is resized to fit within the given dimension

  • cover - The image keeps its aspect ratio and fills the given dimension. The image will be clipped to fit

Additionally, you can choose to preview how any product from your catalogue will appear with the selected styling:

  1. Select the Select a product to preview field

  2. Select a product

  3. Click the Preview button

In order to complete a trade-in, customers need to accept the Terms and Conditions of using the service. You can choose to link to your own T&Cs page or use the default one provided by Tern.

We highly recommend including specific clauses from our T&Cs if you choose to provide your own. These can be found here.

Customise the FAQs page content

The app offers a built in FAQs page that you can customise the content off. Using the WYSIWYG editor, you can add text, image, tables, and more.

Alternatively, if you choose to create your own FAQs page, you can provide the link so that customers can access it from within the app.

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