Installation and set-up

Learn how to install and set-up the app on your store.

Installing the Tern Trade-in app is quick and easy to do - you can have your trade-in programme up and running in a matter of hours!

How to install the app

Add the app from the Shopify app store

  1. Head over to our app listing page on the Shopify app store and click the Add app button.

  2. You will then be redirected to review the permissions and store data the app will be able to access. If you agree to these, click the Install app button.

  3. The app will then be installed and you will be redirected into the app to begin the set-up.

Select and approve a subscription tier

Before you can access the main pages of the app, you are required to choose a subscription plan.

The Tern Trade-in app comes with a 14-day free trial. To learn more about pricing, please see our section on Subscriptions and billing.

  1. On the first page of the app, click the Begin installation button

  2. One the next page select a plan to subscribe to. You can choose to change the Shipping and Surcharge usage limit or keep the default value. For more information on this, please see our section on Subscriptions and billing.

  3. Selecting a plan will then redirect you to approve the charges. Please ensure your staff account has the correct permissions to approve charges on your Shopify store.

  4. Once the charges have been approved, you will then be redirected to the settings pages of the app, where you should see the following message.

How to set-up the Tern Trade-in app

Once you've installed the app and approved the subscription charges, you are now ready to set up the app and customise it to your store. We've added a handy checklist in the app to help you keep track of the set-up process.

1. Review and configure the app settings

Work your way through the app settings and customise each one to your store

App settings

2. Set-up your trade-in profiles

The trade-in profiles are at the heart of how trade-in works. They are where you set the pricing and eligibility criteria for the products that customers can trade-in. You can set-up trade-in profiles for products with or without an order history.

Trade-in profiles

You need to place links to the trade-in portal on your storefront in order for customers to access the trade-in portal. You can find the link in the app settings, or alternatively you can the default url uses the following format

We highly recommend creating a landing page to explain the trade-in experience to customers, that links to the trade-in portal. Use our landing page template.

4. Test the trade-in process end-to-end

Before you launch your programme, it is a good idea to complete a couple of test trade-ins. This enables you to get familiar with the how trade-ins work end-to-end and identify any bottlenecks in your processes. It also helps to ensure that trade-in packages get delivered to the right place!

5. Enable the trade-in portal and launch it to your customers

Once you're ready to launch your trade-in programme, make sure to enable the trade-in portal in the app settings. Now sit back and wait for that first trade-in to come in!

If you need any assistance with setting up your app, please contact us at

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