Tern offers built-in logistics that work straight out of the box.
Please note, currently the app only supports domestic shipments. Trade-ins will fail if you enable carriers that are not available in the country your trade-in return address is set to.

Integrated logistics

The Tern Trade-in app has been designed to get merchants up-and-running with their trade-in programme as quickly as possible. As part of this, we offer integrated logistics so you don't have to think about shipping. When a customer creates their trade-in, we generate a shipping label
For more info on the carriers and rates we offer, please view the page linked below:
In the app settings, you can configure which carriers you want to offer.

The shipping fee share

When setting up the app, you can choose to share the cost of shipping with the customer.
If you do choose to share the cost of the shipping fee with the customer, their share will be deducted from their final credit value.
For example:
Gross trade-in order value
£20.00 credit
Shipping fee
Shipping fee share
50% (this means half the cost of the shipping fee is shared with the customer)
Credit issued to the customer
£18.75 credit

What is the claims process if a package goes missing?

Unfortunately, things sometimes do get lost in the mail. If you suspect a package has gone missing, please reach out to us and we will investigate it for you.
If it does turn out the parcel has been lost, we will initiate and manage the claims process on your behalf.
Please be aware that we may not be able to claim back the full cost of the lost parcel and contents in all cases.

Need help with shipping?

Have a specific question or need help with shipping? Reach out to us↗​