Shipping & Billing settings

Learn more about the Shipping & Billing settings

Trade-in return address

As one of the most important settings to get correct in the whole app, the trade-in return address is the address that all trade-ins will be sent to. Before launching your programme, we highly recommend sending a test parcel to ensure trade-ins will be delivered to the right location. Please take note of the following:
  • For merchants in the US, Canada, and Australia, you are required to fill in the State/Province field.
  • Address line 1 and Address line 2 are both subject to a 35 character limit.
  • The Contact email and Contact phone will be shared with the carrier. These are used to get in contact with you if there are any issues with the parcel. Some carriers (e.g. Evri UK) also send updates about each parcel to the contact email, so please keep this in mind.

Tern-provided shipping options

The Tern Trade-in app provides integrated logistics as part of the service it provides. This setting allows you to enable or disable which carriers you want to offer for your programme.
Please note, currently the app only supports domestic shipments. Trade-ins will fail if you enable carriers that are not available in the country your trade-in return address is set to.

Package dimensions

In order to generate shipping labels, the height, width, and length of a package must be set. The app uses a default (30Lx 20W x 15H) but you can choose to override these and set your own custom dimensions.

Shipping fee share

This setting determines who will be responsible for the cost of the trade-in shipping fee. As a merchant, you have the option to cover the full cost, to split the cost or to pass on the full cost to the trade-in customer.
  • If you choose to pay the whole amount, this field should be set to 0%.
  • If you would like the customer to pay for half the cost, this field should be set to 50%.
  • If you would like the customer to pay the whole amount, this field should be set to 100%.
Any shipping cost the customer covers will be deducted from their final trade-in value and reflected in the final credit issued.

Shipping and surcharge usage limit

The purpose of the usage limit is to allow you to set a maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on shipping charges and surcharges every month. These are costs charged over and above the monthly subscription fees.
The usage limit will automatically default to the recommended limit for your subscription.
If you hit your usage limit, the app will stop accepting trade-ins until you increase your usage limit.

Subscription details

Here you can view the details of your subscription plan and see the number of trade-ins that have been opened in your current billing period.
If you need to change your subscription plan, please take the following steps:
  1. 1.
    Click the Cancel subscription button
  2. 2.
    In pop-up that appears, click Yes, cancel plan subscription. Don't worry, all of your trade-in data will be saved!
  3. 3.
    Follow the steps to select a new subscription plan.