Preparing for Trade-in Launch

Essential Steps for Implementing Your Trade-In Program

Customer accounts

For optimal results with the Tern app, we strongly recommend enabling customer accounts in your store. While the app's main features will function without customers having accounts, certain functionalities are only accessible when customers are signed in. For more information on customer accounts, please visit the Shopify docs.

Trade-in credit

Since trade-in programs are a novel concept for many, expect an initial learning curve, particularly in terms of product pricing. During the first few months, feel free to adjust the trade-in credit you offer and observe customer responses. If you need assistance with pricing, don't hesitate to contact us for guidance.

Handling returned products

Once your trade-in program goes live, be prepared to receive and process returned products. Make sure you have the necessary infrastructure in place to manage these items. Although a detailed plan is not required, having a general idea of what to do with the returned products is crucial.
For larger merchants, Tern can help streamline the receiving and recommerce processes at warehouses or depots. Please reach out to us to learn more.